Welcome to Vanko Agro Farm Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Vanko Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd.

Soil plays a vital role in ecosystem. We build on soil as well as with it and in it. The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has damaged the soil which as a consequence made a harmful impact on human health and environment. This cycle of slow death has triggered us an idea of getting into bio pesticides which improves the quality and texture of soil that would repair the damage made so far.

Farmers are always the need of the hour for 365 days in India. VANKO AGRO FARM is committed in providing the best quality products by incorporating newest ideas and features consistently.


Core Values

The integrity in all of our actions is the foundation of our Fraternity.
Those who feel as accountable are the ones who drives the Nation. We believe in it deep and core.
There is always a better solution to every problem and we strongly believe that solution is innovation.
The life of business is directly propertional to Honesty.
Commitment is the only way of success there is no other alternative.
If we are of quality thoughts our business will have quality in each and every possible way.
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